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    Hi All,

    My name is Andrew, and I’m proud to welcome you to the all-new Fly Fishers’ Corner Message Board! Our goal is to provide anglers from all over the world a place to gather, interact, discuss and learn. As long as you follow the rules, feel free to post freely and enjoy! Speaking of which….

    The Rules

    Short Form:
    Don’t be a jerk. We don’t want to have to ban you, but will if we need to.

    Formal Form:
    We will never sell or give away your private information, but remember that anything you post is being added to a public forum and will be visible to the public.

    1. No harassing or “trolling” of other members. Respect is the name of the game. Give it and ye shall receive it.

    2. No vulgar images, nudity, or excessive profanity. Remember, anyone can view these forums! Inappropriate content will be removed. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.

    3. Moderators make the final call and are under no obligation to offer explanations, though may offer them at their discretion.

    4. If you have any issues, free free to contact any moderator. We’ll respond as quickly as we can.

    5. Fly Fishers’ Corner can not be held responsible for content posted by users, though we will do our best to moderate it.

    6. Have fun, and talk fishing!

    If you are familiar with other message boards, you’ll have no issues getting used to posting on Fly Fishers’ Corner! Our board supports all the standard “bbCode” that most others use as well. For those not familiar, the following is a list of “codes” you can use to make your posts look pretty. Just put the appropriate item in between the two sets of brackets.

    Bold	        [b]text[/b]
    Italic	        [i]text[/i]
    Underline	[u]text[/u]
    Strikethrough	[s]text[/s]
    Align: Center	[center]text[/center]
    Align: Right	[right]text[/right]
    Align: Left	[left]text[/left]
    Align: Justify	[justify]text[/justify]
    Horizontal Line	[hr]
    Subscript	[sub]text[/sub]
    Superscript	[sup]text[/sup]
    Reverse	        [reverse]text[/reverse]
    Font Size	[size=sizevaluehere]text[/size]
    Font Color	[color=colorhere]text[/color]
    Blockquote	[blockquote]text[/blockquote]
    List: Ordered	[list]text[/list]
    List: Ordered	[ol]text[/ol]
    List: Unordered	[ul]text[/ul]
    List: Item	[li]text[/li]
    Quote	        [quote]text[/quote]
    Clickable Link	[url]web address[/url]
                    [url=address]Link text[/url]
                    [url=’address’]Link text[/url]
    Image	        [img]image url goes here[/img]
    YouTube Video	[youtube]YouTube URL goes here[/youtube]
    Vimeo Video	[vimeo]Vimeo URL goes here[/vimeo]

    A word on posting photos or images: It’s helpful to use a service such as Flickr or PhotoBucket to upload your photos. From there, use the “share” links to post your photo on the message board.

    Lastly, feel free to edit your profile and signature using the edit profile link above the boards themselves.

    I’ll be looking forward to interacting with you! Tight lines!

    CPA, PhD Student, and Fly Fishing enthusiast. Administrator of FlyFishersCorner.com

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