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    I probably should wait until I actually make the trip to start this thread, but damn it if I’m not giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve!

    I’m taking off Thursday evening and driving 6 hours due north for Baudette, MN and Lake of the Woods. Staying in a “sleeper house” (i.e. will be drinking, fishing, eating, crapping, and sleeping on the ice, probably in that order, for 3 days). Walleye capital of the world!

    It’s been very slow up there this winter, but with temps in the 60s (!!!!) in the Twin Cities this week and 40s up there, I’m hoping things pick up. March is usually the best month for ice fishing there, so I’m optimistic. Very legitimate chance for a 30+ inch walleye through the ice.

    They’ve got 40 inches of ice up there right now also, so no real worries of weather ruining the trip.

    Look for a report sometime next week!!

    For a primer, this is a photo of what we’ll be riding out in and staying in!

    As of right now, the houses are situated almost 20 miles out, but they’ll likely be moving closer this week as the fish (presumably) start migrating in as part of their pre-spawn activities.

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