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    Two local streams/creeks/rivers that are mostly stocked populations, have finally gone through breakup and are flowing fast, high, and dirty.

    How would you fish these – flies, techniques, etc…?

    Or would you wait for them to calm a bit, esp. since they are a mostly stocked population and therefore fewer fish?


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    It never hurts to get out there and try! That being said, fish are often very tough to catch when the snow begins to melt in my experience. If there was heavy snow cover, I think it may be best to just wait it out a little.

    If you head out (or even after you wait for it to calm down a bit), I’ve always had great luck on egg patterns for ultra cold water fish. Whether it’s just fond memories of the fall, instinct kicking in to let them know the spring spawns are coming, or just plain good looking stuff, they’ll often eat. San Juan worms are another good option. Depending on the bug life on the stream, most have tiny black stone flies. A size 18 imitation might be a good option (black pheasant tails work great for this!).

    It’s always super important to get your flies down in cold water–they’re most likely going to be too sluggish to chase a fly very far.

    I’ve also found fish are less likely to hang out in faster water when it’s very cold. Look for slow water eddies right next to faster water as places to try first. Long slow pools are another option, but tough to fish with a fly rod sometimes!

    Let us know if you get out and how you do!

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