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Fly Tying: Jeff’s Bass Plopper

Another Fly Tying Video from Jeff: The Plopper We’re proud to present another fly tying video! This one comes from our contributor, Jeff.  Be sure to also check out our other video from Jeff: Fly Tying: Jeff’s Bead Belly Zonker.  This is a pattern that originated on the message board some time ago.  It was originally invented by a very talented tyer who regularly posts there named Frank Zervos.  Here, Jeff makes a few tweaks from the original pattern to simplify it a little. He also makes it completely weedless! Be sure to watch all the way to end, as Jeff has included some footage of the fly in action.  It’s a bass catching machine! […]

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Fly Tying: Jeff’s Bead Belly Zonker

Fly tying video from contributor Jeff: The Bead Belly Zonker I am pleased to share the first of hopefully many fly tying videos from Jeff!  I originally got to know Jeff through the message board where he regularly shares some of his jaw dropping work.  As the wheels began spinning for the creation of, I knew straight away that his work was some that I wanted to showcase.  In my time around the sport of fly fishing, he is undeniably one of, if not the best at fly tying that I’ve met.  His deer hair work borders on art and some of his carp patterns will make your jaw drop.  I’m proud to have the opportunity to showcase his talents as well as share some of his fish catching ties here with you.  Without further adieu, Jeff’s Bead Belly Zonker! […]

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Thread Control in Fly Tying

Fly Tying: Thread Control Thread control is one of the most important skills in fly tying, yet one that is almost never discussed.  If you’ve ever watched an avid fly tyer work his or her magic, one thing you might not have noticed is an almost continuous act of spinning the bobbin.  Every time it is released, the tyer spins it around then stops it, often using the friction from the back of a thumb nail.  Sometimes tyers even spin the bobbin as part of their wrapping motion.  This isn’t a random act.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  Good fly tyers know that thread control is paramount, and they consider it so much that it becomes second nature. via […]

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